What is the Snow Angel Challenge?

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The Snow Angel Challenge is your opportunity to help find a cure for diabetes. Almost 100 years ago, Canadian researchers discovered insulin and were able to successfully inject it into human patients. Since then, great strides have been made in the treatment of diabetes. But diabetes remains a serious and growing problem. Treatment is not enough. It is time to cure this disease once and for all.

And that is the goal of HEADing to 2022, an initiative of the registered charity, DRIFCan. We want to raise $22 million by 2022 (the 100th anniversary of the first successful insulin injection) to support Canadian researchers in their efforts to cure… not treat… diabetes. Dr. James Shapiro and his team believe they have a cure in their laboratory. You can help them cure diabetes.

Put on your bathing suit or other costume. Lie in the snow, sand, mud, grass or anywhere you want. Do your version of a snow angel…be creative! Donate $22, $220, $2200 or $22,000 to Help Eliminate all Diabetes. Challenge your friends to do the same. It is a simple and fun way to be a part of the drive to a cure.

Canadian Donors


USA/International Donors


How do I participate in the Snow Angel Challenge?

1. Accept Challenge

You have 48 hours to complete the challenge and to nominate at least 3 other people to take the challenge

2. Get a friend or family member to video your Snow Angel Challenge

We have a sample video script you can use. Or feel free to use your own. Make sure you include this information:

  • Hi, My Name is ________________
  • I was challenged to do the Snow Angel Challenge by (name) and I accept the challenge
  • I will donate to HEADingto2022.com so that they can help fund a cure for diabetes.
  • I challenge (name) to do the Snow Angel challenge, donate to HEADingto2022.com and nominate 3 more people to take on the challenge!
    • (name)
    • (name)
    • (name)

3. Make your Snow Angel and Donate:

  • Now lie in snow, sand, leaves, grass or anything you want and do your version of a snow angel. Have fun and be safe!
  • Make your donation here: HEADingto2022.com

4. Upload your video:

...on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok with the hashtags #snowangelchallenge and #headingto2022. Remember to tag and challenge at least three of your friends.

5. Follow Us:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to donate if I take the challenge?

Donations are always welcome, but you do not have to donate in order to take the HEADing to 2022 Snow Angel Challenge. By accepting the challenge, you are raising awareness of our initiative. However, by donating you are helping to fund critical research that will inform future treatments to cure diabetes.

2. Do I have to be challenged to participate in the Snow Angel Challenge?

No! If you have not yet been challenged, you can start the chain in your personal network by taking the HEADing to 2022 Snow Angel Challenge and nominating three of your friends/family members.

3. How do I donate

  • Click here to donate online
  • Click here to donate Securities or Mutual Funds online
  • Click here for our mailing address to send us a cheque

What are the funds used for?